Sky ferns tours is a Sri Lanka Tour Company with 13 years of experience, we have selected for you the excursions to discover or remind you of Sri Lanka with the outmost quality and comfort, in order to make your trip here as memorable and enjoyable as possible.  For every tour we organize, we aim to create an experience that inspires and will be remembered fondly for years to come. Sky Ferns Tours have traveled to hundreds of unique locations and worked with clients throughout every demographic and industry imaginable. If anyone can help, we can.

Sri Lanka Tour Company Sky Ferns ToursFor 2016 – 2017, Sky Fern Tours is introducing special packages for special prices. Most requested packages are Family Holiday tours, Nature tours, Cultural and Heritage tours, Adventure tours, Beach and Ayurvedic tours and Honeymoon tours.

Nowadays, our team is composed of professional achievers and provides a large range of tourist services with very competitive prices. Offering at unbelievable value, our Sri Lankan sightseeing tours are conducted by professional multilingual driver-guides (they selected to meet quality requirements to provide good quality services to you), in Air-conditioned luxury vehicles that can also be hired privately or welcome you at your arrival at the airport.

We believe that life is a great adventure and our world is filled with amazing experiences. We seek out these experiences and create affordable ways to share them with our customers and the world. At your entire disposal, we help you to definite your needs and provide the suited services to meet your expectations. You will definitively enjoy saving time leaving us taking in charge everything for you. We also provide you with Life Insurance which is totally free of charge. Adventure is worthwhile in itself.

We have started on creating a unique experience through our VIP package which will be available soon. Come along as an individual, with family or friends Sky Ferns Tours will always have something to offer you.