South Coast

South Coast of Sri Lanka is one of the most rewarding places to visit. A sense of romance and wonder sweeps up all visitors to Sri Lanka’s south coast as this is the land where people dance across the fire on monsoon nights, fishermen float on stilts above the waves and turtles crawl up onto moonlit beaches.

The beaches here are far better than the busier west coast and offers a greater diversity. The landscape is one of utter beauty, gorgeous tropical ivory-coloured sandy beaches, colonial townscapes, rural fishing villages, untouched wilderness, superb wildlife parks and a vibrant cultural heritage makes the southern coastal belt an ideal holiday experience for those wishing to escape the larger tourist centres. Not to mention the island’s most alluring selection of places to stay, from luxury beach hotels to atmospheric colonial villas.

There are never ending range of things to see and do here that cannot be missed out. These include,

  • Mirissa as it is the prettiest bay on the coast. There are also a wide range of different activities here for example, water sports including sailing, fishing, coastal cruises, river trips, sea kayaking, snorkelling and boat activities. Also whale and dolphin spotting is famous in Mirissa as there are huge whales as well as dolphins splashing through offshore.
  • Kataragama is one of the holiest sites on the island, held sacred by Buddhists and Hindus.
  • Galle as it is the most perfectly preserved colonial town in Sri Lanka, and an atmospheric piece of time-warped island history. People drift past in clouds of bright colours, especially in the colonial bastion that is Galle’s Fort as it is being made a world heritage by the UNESCO.
  • Matara’s Dutch Rampart and the Star Fort.
  • Matara Ruhuna University.
  • Cinnamon plantations of the South as for many centuries, cinnamon has been a great attraction for traders visiting this beautiful island. Even today, Sri Lanka continues to be one of the world’s leading producers of cinnamon.
  • Mulgirigalla which is 16km north of Tangalla is southern Sri Lanka’s finest ancient monument, with an array of beautifully decorated ancient cave temples carved out of the flanks of an enormous rock outcrop. The ancient Mulgirigala temple is a living temple which is visited by many devotees.
  • Beeralu lace craft village in Dickwella was introduced in the 17th century by the Portuguese. From generation to generation complex form of handmade pillow lace is woven into exquisite table cloths, doilies, and clothing accessories which you can purchase.
  • Scuba diving and snorkelling are famous in Unawatuna as it is the island’s best diving spot and also Unawatuna is known as one of the best world famous tourist attractions.
  • The Kalamatiya bird sanctuary is one of Sri Lanka’s oldest bird sanctuaries as it is the home to many species of resident and migratory shorebirds. Here you will be able to observe from kingfishers to flamingos.
  • Weligama’s stilt fishermen.
  • Turtle watches in Rekawa as out of 7 species of marine turtles that are endangered in this world, 5 species of sea turtles come ashore to nest in Sri Lanka. Here you can go on night safaris in order to observe and learn about this endangered species without interfering with its natural breeding habits.
  • Bundala national park is the home to more than 150 different types of bird species. There are also migratory birds and large flocks of flamingos as well as crocodiles and also elephants can be seen.

No matter what you are after, you will find it in the South Coast of Sri Lanka and all the activities here will make your experience once in a life time.

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