Hindu Temples

Explore the colorful Hindu temples in Sri Lanka.

Sri Muthumariamman Hindu temple

The Sri Muthumariamman Hindu temple is known as one of the most colourful Hindu temples of Sri Lanka and is located in the herd of Matale town in Dambulla Kandy, road. This is one of the famous Mariamman temples in Negombo built in a facet clicking back to the styles of Dravidian architecture.

This beautiful and colourful Hindu Kovil with more gods, goddesses and creatures than you could imagine are all painted in bright, gaudy colours. The temple still remains in an old fashioned pose and is one of the most powerful temples where pujas and offering made, providing benefits to the public.

The temple holds its annual festival in February. It is a parade with interesting religious events which you will be able to observe of course. Overall, this is a very laid back temple to visit.


Koneswaram Hindu Temple

The Koneswaram Hindu temple is located in Trincomalee, the Eastern province of Sri Lanka and is known as the site of the “Sacred Hill of the Three Temples”. This Hindu temple is one of the most beautiful and the famous temples in Sri Lanka that has many strong historical associations.

This ancient Hindu temple was built on top of a swami rock, a rocky promontory cape overlooking Trincomalee, a classical period harbour port town and has become one of the most important surviving and influential structures of the classical Dravidian architectural period of the early 17th century. Overall, this a fascinating site to visit.

There are also many more famous Kovils in Sri Lanka where you will be able to explore and learn about the Hindu culture,such as Punnalai Varatharaje Perumal Kovil, Vallipuram Kovil, Naguleswaram Kovil, Nallur Kandasamy Kovil etc.

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