Bird watching in Sri Lanka

Bird watching in Sri Lanka is 100% pure backdrop of breathtaking beauty.

Bird watching in Sri Lanka is 100% pure backdrop of breathtaking beauty. You are welcome to explore Sri Lanka’s extraordinary, colourful birds. Sri Lanka has a total list of over 430 species of birds, 250 are resident and 33 are endemic to the country and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

There are many good birding sites, but Sinharaja World Heritage Wilderness area, Bundala Ramsar site, Yala and Uda Walawe National Parks, Horton Plains are imperative for any birder. These will give all the endemics plus some other spectacular species. Also, any period between October to late April or early May is perfect for visiting birders.

  • Birding in Sinharaja Rain forest in especially interesting as 95% of the endemic birds of Sri Lanka has been recorded there. Sinharaja is the best location to observe and explore the flock behaviour of birds.
  • Waikkala is located in the Puttalam district and more than 60 species of birds can be observed here, for example, common sandpiper, little ringed plover, purple coot, painted stork, stork billed kingfisher and others.
  • Muthurajawela which is located south of Negombo is also a great birding spot as it is the home to about 85 resident birds.
  • Udawalawe which is a very famous site for elephants is also one of the best parks for bird watching. The park is a mixture of abandoned Teak plantation, grassland, scrub jungle and some river line forests.
  • Bundala National Park, which is situated in the dry zone and is home to different species of birds, for example Little Grebe, Little Cormorant, Indian Shag, Great Cormorant, Indian Darter, Spot-billed Pelican, Night Heron, Little Green Heron, Indian Pond Heron, Cattle Egret, Little Egret, Median Egret etc.
  • Horton plains national park is a highland plateau comprising of mountain forest and grassland. It is famous among the birders for the highland endemics like the Dull-blue Flycatcher, SL Wood Pigeon, Bush Warbler, Yellow-eared Bulbul and many more. Also Pied Bush Chat, Grey Tit, Grey-headed Canary Flycatcher, Spot-winged Thrush can be seen here.

Apart from these places there are many more sites which are perfect for bird watching. We will offer professional and quality birding tours around Sri Lanka and will make it as one of the best and unforgettable experiences of your lives.

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