Hummanaya Blow Hole

The “Hummanya” blow hole is a well-known attraction in the Dickwella region of Sri Lanka. It is the only known blow hole in Sri Lanka and maybe the second largest in the world. In essence, it means a distance where the sound of “hoo” can easily be listened or heard by a person. It is a well-known attraction for the travellers and tourists visiting the area and is well known for its uniqueness and excitement aspect.
You have to climb quite a few shallow steps in order to enjoy the breathtaking view and most importantly to reach the point from where this blow-hole is visible. While you are up here, you can see beautiful rocky cliffs and the blue green expanse of water. The blow-hole itself is a natural wonder created in the middle of this cliff. There is a gap through which seawater comes gushing up with a loud hoooooooo sound which will give you the impression of a tall fountain. The water pressure builds up more or less every 15 minutes and sometimes the stunning spray can rise as high as 100 feet.
Overall, this beautiful place is a must see location and seeing this blow hole will definitely be a heady as well as an unforgettable experience of yours for sure.


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