Sri Lanka is an island state in the Indian Ocean off the south east coast of India and is abundant with splendour and life. It is a country rich in history of over 3000 years and traditions with stunning landscapes as it’s often been described as a tropical paradise.

Sri Lanka is rich with cultural heritage, diverse landscapes including rain forests, waterfalls, rivers and a significant number of wildlife reserves. The vegetation in the coastal belt is lush and dramatic, and the mountainous areas of the interior are spectacular and will steal your hearts for sure. Pleasant sea breezes temper the coast’s tropical climate through most of the year as the hills and mountains in the island’s centre are cool at night. Sri Lanka is also world famous for Tea plantation as well as Gems and therefore known as the Gem island. Resembling a tear-drop shaped gold-fringed emerald set on the blue bosom of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a multicultural country as it is the home to many religions, ethnic groups and languages.

We warmly welcome you to this beautiful paradise, the wonder of Asia. From sandy shores and turquoise oceans, to the emerald green hills of the central highland, from lush rainforests to golden beaches, this breathtaking diversity and scenery will capture your heart and soul like no other destinations.

May the time you spend in our magnificent island be filled with exciting, unforgettable experiences as well as memories which you will carry long after you leave our shores!